We design and custom manufacture self-lubricating bearings for demanding applications and tough operating conditions. Our products are used in some of the largest projects and most critical applications on the planet, including: power generation, bridge building, subsea oil production, missile defense systems, and earthquake seismic isolation.



Our manufacturing facilities are modern, flexible and complete, capable of complex tasks with precision accuracy. Our diverse design and manufacturing skills combine to assure consistent quality and reliable performance. All welding is performed in accordance with AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5 and AWS D1.6.



Our bearings are manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO 9002. Every phase of manufacturing, from procurement to final inspection, is closely monitored by our Quality Control personnel. Every operation is planned, performed, checked and certified in writing to ensure that all materials and workmanship meet or exceed the requirements of the project drawings and specifications. Non-destructive testing is performed as required by ASTM certified independent testing laboratories. In-process and final inspection is routinely performed by outside inspection agencies including ABS, Lloyd’s and DNV. 



Testing  is performed in full compliance with project drawings and specifications. Prototype and full scale proof testing can be performed in-house or by independent testing laboratories. We are able to proof test bearings in-house up to 4.5 million pounds of vertical load. In-house equipment includes hydraulic presses capable of sliding and rotational movement.



We offer a variety of engineering services from the selection of bearing materials to in-house testing of bearing assemblies to simulate load, movement, velocity, temperature and other environmental conditions present during the actual operation of the bearings. Design, prototype testing, AutoCAD drawing preparation, consulting, and on-site engineering services are available upon request. 



Our technical team provides quick turn-around for short deliveries and emergency breakdowns. We have an advantage over our competition with the ability to expedite orders on demand.